Urchin of the Riding Stars (Mistmantle Chronicles, Book 1)

Urchin of the Riding Stars - Margaret McAllister, Omar Rayyan, M.I. McAllister Oh, My. Gosh. I had a cuteness overload after reading this book and I'm not the kind of person to normally feel that way.

Got this book from my parents at a bargain book sale for only a few dollars. After reading this I felt really happy I got it for so cheap and yet angry at the sellers because they were not only selling such an amazing book but also at such a low price like it was a terrible book.

The illustrations play a great part in the story. There just serve as eye candy in the whole book and I loved that. The plot I found was really original. Can't compare it to Redwall for the sole reason that I haven't read the series yet, but I think this is about as original as it gets. I loved this way more than Wind in the Willows cause it's not as confusing and way more exciting.

Don't think I could find a con for this book - beautifully put together, spellbinding story and awesome illustrations, all in one package. Truly looking forward to the rest of this amazingly promising series