Urchin and the Heartstone (The Mistmantle Chronicles, Book 2)

Urchin and the Heartstone - Margaret McAllister, Omar Rayyan, M.I. McAllister Cuteness just never takes a holiday, does it?

This was a really fun adventure, I gotta say, not at all worse than the previous book. The plot was very cleverly thought of and the writing is free flowing and catchy. The illustrations still continue to make me have more 'awww...!' moments and the storytelling is just great.

The king is very vicious in this story - even though he's a cute animal I would still squish him if he were real. Who treats such a cutie squirrel like that!? I don't care if you're adorable as a hedgehog YOU TOUCH URCHIN AND YOU DIE!!!

*clears throat* Ahem, now then, going on.....Ah, well, I think amazing pretty much covers it. Where will the author take the next book? Who knows, I really look forward to seeing the rest of Urchin's ongoing story progress