The Heir of Mistmantle (Mistmantle Chronicles, Book 3)

The Heir of Mistmantle - Margaret McAllister, Omar Rayyan, M.I. McAllister From this point on I will buy every signle book in the series that will come out in the future cause it will be this good.

The maid squirrel (or babysitter/nanny, forgot who she was) was a bit...nutso, I gotta admit. Didn't like her character exactly but oh well, every book has likable and dislikable characters.

I read this book in a record setting time of half a day it was just such a page flipper. Of course I didn't read every. signle. word, cause that's not my style, but I understood it so well that there was even no need to reread it.

The writing is easy to visualize which I think is the book's biggest plus because probably most readers are teen/children, of course I could be greately mistaken.

I wonder what course the next book will take...?