Ivy - Julie Hearn I was so deeply disappointed.

This book was boring, boring, boring, boring, and BOOOOOOORING.
I don't know how anyone could have read every single word of this book because I skipped about half or so of this book due to the utter boredom.

I was expecting more to be honest after I had read the summary.
I guess the whole English Victorian Times style doesn't really fit me but of all books set in the Victorian Times this was by far worst.

The artists was annoying to read about, his mother was a total witch, Ivy I had little sympathy towards, and the rest of her family were total crackpots in my opinion.

There was nothing truly catchy that this book could offer. It was not interesting, vaguely written and boring. There's nothing more I can say about it because that's the only opinion I've had after reading the book.

I feel so glad I decided to take this book out from the library before actually buying it - if I would've bought it it would've went straight into the paper section of my garbage and that would've been money straight down the toilet. A boring and meaningless read.