Devoured - Amanda Marrone So, I had seen this book at my local library for, oh, over a month already, but something about it threw me off from reading it. This time, I dunno why but something urged for me to take this book, probably because the story was, in a way, a spin off to the classical fairytale so many children have come to love.

Overall, the book sets a not that bad picture but leaves a little confusion after it is read. To explain step by step I will first say what I didn't like in the book.

After he first maybe 20-30 pages I thought 'Ooh, look, a classical approach to writing a book - girl is following a guy she's dating cause she suspects that he's cheating on her or has something for his old childhood friend' That was a little turnoff for me because I though 'Originality plummets once again...' but still decided to go on reading.

The biggest problem I think with this book is how the story is pased. The beginning is good I think, not too fast yet not too slow, but the middle is where the difficulty to try and continue reading the book comes in. The middle is probably the worst part of the book - not at all grabbing or super interesting. The ending maybe 100 or so pages - waay to fastly pased on the other hand. The whole 'I'm a phsyco girl, wanna eat your heart so that Luke will love me' was just over board. I still didn't quite understand what Ari had to do with the whole thing of Luke's sister disappearing and dieing, and why Nicki was killed along the way. So I think the author should have worked on that to avoid this kind of feeling from the reader.

What I did like though, oddly enough, was mostly the plotline. I dunno but one of the best books I found that are a spinoff to a classical fairytale. It's not too stretched out, yet not too bland, sort of in between, the way I like it.

i definately don't regret reading the book, cause onddly enough I liked it. Somewhere in between of liking and really liking it actualy, but again, the whole 'I eat your heart to counter Luke's sister's heart and make him love me!'............Please tone it down next time........
Oh, and, what is it with again the topic of when a guy and girl are dating for a month or so they can have 'it' to celebrate? Come on! And the bed scene later on......Nya this is the worst thing about YA books but that is not the biggest problem in the book.

So overall with maybe a few touch-ups this could have been an awesome book. Not saying that the editor didn't do their job but I think a better editor should have been found in order to take this book somewhere farther.

Other than that an enjoyable book to add to my already large book history, and a book that in a way inspires me to continue writing and developing my fantasy so one day I can become a punlished author also