Halo - Alexandra Adornetto I must admit that what I most loved about this book was that it had left me with a pleasant feeling - airy, light, and I'd say a little fluffy around the edges.
Most books leave a kind of confusing feeling afterwards, but with this book it was rather apparent - the warm feeling was left behind.

Now, I know that Bethany acts a lot like Bella, and that she hides behind Xavir even though she's the angel and he's the mortal.
But I think that it was already said that Bethany is the most human angel, so I didn't really expect much from her, so I didn't end up overly disappointed.
And the way she wanted to be human, to stay human, that was I'd say what would explain her acting that way with Xavier.

A great story idea never the less. Gabriel's character was honestly very strong and I liked the way he always had sound logic and reasoning to offer and to stop Bethany. Ivy is the kind of older sister you would want - kind, reliable, patient.

I find that those two had made up for the fact that Bethany was such a childish and human-like angel. Even though she always thought of Xavier and was whiny you know what? That suited her character so for once, I didn't care at all if she was whiny. All the power to her if she wanted to be like that.

Molly drove me insane though, and so did Taylah and Jake. It was just that their characters were so...snobby and annoying....but that suited their image after all.
I also can't imagine how Bethany had still been friends with Molly even though Molly made constant comments and unrequired suggestions. That was about the biggest mystery of the book for me.

And avier, when Bethany had mentioned having sex with him, unlike any normal guy, said no, that they weren't ready, and that they already had more than that, and they didn't need sex to prove their feelings for each other and all. So way to go Xavier! For once, a guy who doesn't accept the girl's thoughts on having sex when she says that.

Overall a rather interesting book, though Adornetto is rather young and could use some more touch ups in places.
I'd also personally like to see Bethany grown up a bit more, maybe mature in the next book, because if she did, boy oh boy would the book change overall.

So I rather enjoyed the book. It was the feeling afterwards that had stuck to me.