Lily Dale: Awakening

Awakening - Wendy Corsi Staub Another book I took out from the library, for the reason that the back had interested me after I read it. Though I've been trying to steer clear of books about ghosts I wanted to try picking this one up, thinking maybe it would be a little different.

It was in fact different, but I have to say it was in most parts, bland. I found it very hard to get past the first 20 pages. the beginning was dull, long, and I think over-descriptive. When however the plot began to unravel, I started to enjoy the book more.

Between Jacy and Blue, I think both guys are good, some part of me even likes Blue better, but I'm curious to see where the author will take Calla's relationship with both boys and who she'll fully end up with.

I think the author's biggest blunder was the way too descriptive and to be honest boring fortune telling descriptions, how Calla's grandma was talking to visitors and all that stuff. Also, Calla's sightings of all those ghosts weren't very convincing to me as a reader. I expected a little.....more, I think.

Yet surprisingly I did enjoy the book. Curious to see where the next book will take Calla. Not sure if this is worth buying a copy of for my personal library but when it comes to reading the next book I'm sure of reading them