Poseur #2: The Good, the Fab and the Ugly

The Good, the Fab, and the Ugly - Rachel Maude, Compai My friends was reading this book in class and told me she had rather enjoyed it, because it was modern and humerous. I tried looking for this book in my public library but it was never there. Finally, last time I went I found this book and the next one but not the previous one. Still, I thought I'd read it even without the first book.

This book has a lot of characetrs that I either hated or felt were plain dolls with nothing interesting whatsoever. Charlotte was probably the character I hated most, the way all she cared about was fancy restaurants and shops. I mean, HELLO? Not all girls are like that you know. I mean some of us actually KNOW who Napoleon is, thank you very much, and aren't that brainsless. Nikki was up next with all her innocence I found puke-worthy.

Petra and Janie were the most ok/good characters in my opinion. Everyone else - Ms. Maude needs to work on cause they're just little puppets who's strings have been cut.

The story is rather dull and boring. What annoyed me about this book was again how it tells girls that they should focus on clothing and wasting money instead of education and leading a good life. I get the feeling that authors who write like this are leading that same kind of life, cause why else would they write these kinds of books?

The thing with the fraud label I didn't get how it could have affected the whole group so maybe it was just me but that was just a pointless part of the story for me.

Overall a disappointing book for I think girls who are poseurs. The title is very appropriate for the characters and people who might live life like that. Do correct me if I'm wrong but this book was pointless. I didn't hate it to any extent, just didn't have anything positive to say about it.

Time to pick up the next book and see if things will get any better from there