Absolutely Maybe

Absolutely Maybe - Lisa Yee This book was hilarious. I know it's not the best book out there but hey, if you want to read a book that you'll enjoy because it's modern, and doesn't follow all the outlines of a sappy chic-lit book this is the book to pick.

Maybelline (aka. Maybe) is a character I found it very easy to relate to. She bears with what life gives her and goes by day after day putting up with all the garbage. I respect that kind of character that has a backbone, not like one of those LA girly-girls that are all pushe and rags. Bleh, hate that.

The overall way the story is written is very interesting- it doesn't get boring to be honest and I enjoyed reading it. It's a page flipper from start to end, although some parts can be very long and confusing, so I had to skip a few chapters worth of writing because it got a bit dull in those parts.

I was glad that she didn't stay with her brith father, to be honest - that would have made the book go in the stereotype direction in my opinion so I think Lisa Yee knew well about what she was writing.

Overall a very enjoyable book to read that is in my opinion a good way to spend time compared to reading garbage that's considered NY Bestsellers