The Fortunes of Indigo Skye

The Fortunes of Indigo Skye - Deb Caletti I gotta say I was disappointed by this book.
I had decided to pick it up after reading the short summary at the back and though 'Oh, the perfect book for me' since I always consider money changes people and that it isn't so important to have a huge material possesion.

Bland. that's what this book was. Gotta say I expected way more than what I got. The characters are realistic, yes, but it's hard to follow all of them along as all their stories and ways are all so twisted together I couldn't untangle it. The main girl Indigo though is very likeable, down to earth (before the money kicked in) and realistic, so I have nothing against her.

The beginning was promising. i had though this book would open up into a wider path and become more interesting, but instead, it seemed to narrow and I found it a struggle to continue reading as there were times I so badly wanted to put this book down.

The ending was I felt a bit rushed but along the lines of what I imagined would be like. Indigo's list was very inspirational to see all her goals laid out that way.

Overall I expected more, and got less out of the book. Could have been better in my opinion but everything between the beginning and middle was just too boring for me and a total drag