The Lighthouse Land (Lighthouse Trilogy)

The Lighthouse Land - Adrian McKinty I was expecting a different kind of turn from this book.
Not that I was fully disappointed, that is, but it lacked, in my view, that little 'wow spark'.

The plot is very interesting, and the characters are developed so well it's like they are actual living-breathing characters beside you. The only thing though is that otherthan Wishaway I had trouble visualizing all the oter characters. Jamie acted really mature for a 13 year old. That's a surprising thing to see and made me rather happy, and all tose kisses in the book I was just feelin 'Do 13 year old boys really kiss girls that often?'

The troubling part tough was all those details I couldn't process, the characters that were introduced later whom I just couldn't understand, and just a little murky kind of view later on as it got very confusing.

Curious to see where the next book will take them because so far, I don't have the slightest clue how the plot can progress from there but who knows, maybe it'll be another thrilling adventure