The Time Travelers (The Gideon Trilogy, Book 1)

The Time Travelers  - Linda Buckley-Archer I had picked up this book when I was in grade 5. The cover seemed interesting to me so I decided to give it a go. Less than a hundred pages in I put the book down cause I didn't understand 3/4 of what was going on.

So it was to my surprise when I went to the library and found all three books in the series. I took them out and decided to give them another try because who knows, maybe time would make all the difference.

And heck did it: the story is fast pased, exciting, and easy to get lost in. There are however parts/details that are hard to understand cause it gets a little winded and confusing but overlooking that it's overall a very good book.

I've always had problems with reading books that have historical things in them, such as using words from centuries back, or talking about different types of people or nations existing thousands of years ago. This is just a personal problem so because of that like I said parts of the book got a little hectic for me but other than that there shouldn't be much to complain about.

Kate is a fiesty girl that portrays how girls should truly be, not little sissies always relying on a guy they know/met/like/love, WHATEVER their situation is. The fact that she stood up to bandits, highway men, and others throughout the book was enjoyable. Peter on the other hand plays a role that isn't as macho as the other guys from books so it's good to see a variety.

Can't wait to see what happens in the next book