The Time Thief (Gideon Trilogy)

The Time Thief (Gideon Trilogy) - Linda Buckley-Archer This book was definately better than the first one. I gotta say I enjoyed it more because of the way it was written, the plot and everything overall.

The plot definately quickens and a lot of interesting events occur. The writing becomes more in-depth, which is good to see because I thought the previous book was shallow in some places. Although the confusion in parts still remains so I had trouble following along the story in some areas, and others I found boring just like in the pervious book.

I didn't quite see the point of having Peter lie about who he was so that was one thing I wasn't sure about. The Tar Man was honestly interesting to read about but his character aggitates me because of how he acts and such.

I think the next part of stopping Lord Luxon is well though of and a great ending to the trilogy. I'm hoping the next book won't disappoint any further than what I've felt towards this series up until now.