City of Bones (Mortal Instruments, Book 1)

City of Bones - Cassandra Clare Oh my gosh, Rosalia, after all your constant ranting I was just forced to pick up this book, and was happy to find that it actually wasn't as bad as I had expected it to be.

At times I find that popular books which I read I then find them total garbage or so stereotypical I want to laugh my guts out and make the author fix all of their stupid blunders in it. This one wasn't the case.

Even though this series contains creatures like vampires and werewolves which I've grown to strongly detest after books such as the Twilight series this one takes them into a new light, especially werewolves whom I have now grown to rather like, especially after this book.

Clary, the main character, cannot really be compared to other main characters of other books in my opinion because she seems to just stand alone. She doesn't follow a given guideline that has already been written for other female leads. She writes her own, and that is a good aspect to see once in a while in books.
The plot doesn't lack, it is actually very packed and in the first book already creates a ton of questions that I hope would be answered in the coming five books (or was it two?)

However, the only problem I found with this book was that it was at times hard to follow along. There were a few passage jumps which I hadn't expected where the story either ripped off or something that I hadn't expected occurred.
However, I do hope that the next book won't have this kind of problem and that it won't be worse that this one