Darklight (Wondrous Strange, Book 2)

Darklight (Wondrous Strange, Book 2) - Lesley Livingston This is just as amazing as the first book had been and more. The story is beginning to unwind in a beautiful manner and I can't wait to learn more about Sonny's true inheritance.

Lesley Livingston, unlike a great number of authors I know, manages to continue the series beautifully without making the book boring or drag like I know the middle book in a trilogy or in a series often happens to be like. That's not the case with this book though where the series continues running the same smooth course.

There are times when I feel irritated with Kelley because she's just so uncontrollable and ignorant, like a little child which can easily get on the reader's nerves. That's the only negative thing I actually found in this whole entire book, but I'm sure it's just a personal thing because I often find characters that I find annoy me and I just wanna jump in the book and go 'Hey, tone it down a notch would ya!?'

So looking forward to the next book - I'm sure Lesley Livingston won't let me or any of the other readers down because it would just be a shame to have the next book crash the whole puzzle she's been working so hard to piece together.

And finally, a writer from Toronto!!! Gosh there should be more of them out there - I feel so happy that finally someone from this beautiful city has decided to write a book series which so many people have taken to. And who knows, since I live in Toronto also, maybe I'll drop by a visit to Ms. Livingston someday...