Kissed by an Angel Collector's Edition: Kissed by an Angel the Power of Love Soulmates

Kissed by an Angel - Elizabeth Chandler OMFG. That's the first thing that went through my brain when I finished this book.

I don't know about other people and all kinds of arguements and comments they have about this book but lemme tell you this was just beautiful. This book had everything - suspence, heart-ripping romance, saddness, drama, grief, and towards the end, a type of relief.

I hated Gregory, right when he was first introduced. I seem to have a hunch towards characters who I think will do something nasty later on in the book. He was one of them.
the way he killed the cat, Ella, first by shaving her then killing her, I was almost in tears. How could a human do that? That's inhumane. I read a lot of people here on Goodreads say 'That was just too much. Elizabeth Chandler really shouldn't have written that'. I don't feel that way. The author showed us how truly cruel Gregory is and if you're an animal lover who's crying rivers when that moment comes, well don't read these kinds of books then or keep your opinion to yourself because a lot of you give bad reviews to this book just because of one freakin moment. Stupid.

I'm glad Tristen ended up with Lacey (well if you look at it technically they did end up together) in the afterlife. And Ivy and Will was an adorable pairing, I wanted to hug Will somewhere along the middle of the book and tell him 'Don't worry shnucums, she's gonna fall for you, just you wait' and boy did Chandler deliver that.

The writing could have used a number of touch-ups cause the language was honestly kinda weak but for this book I don't really care - the story mesmerized me and that's all that matters in this book.

This book is worth to be read. I'm not saying go buy it right away but if you find it in the library don't hesitate to pick it up. For good or for bad, whether you like it or not at least read it. This book is an example that true love beyond death still exists in the world.