Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures, Book 1)

Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia My classmate had read this book and her opinion was that this book had been absolutely amazing. She recommended that I'd read this book, knowing how much I loved fantasy books.

I so badly struggled in reading this book. There were a lot of gaps left by the authors and I think that story was stretched out a lot more than what it could have been.
Lena was an interesting character nonetheless, but she had at times pulled moves where she was all like 'No Ethan, leave me alone, we cannot be together. Forget about me'. Those parts were personally really irritating because I think that even if people who love each other can't be together they shouldn't push each other away until fate comes in and says that their time to be apart has come.
Ethan also didn't seem to spend his time with Lena usefully, the time he had left before her claiming. His character was pretty much a normal guy, nothing fancy and all, and at times pretty hard headed and agitating for me as a reader.

The plot however I must say was threaded together well, but it was the writing that I think sloped this book down. It was really long and at times tiring to read. I had been forced to skip a few pages due to boredom of the section and I had still understood the story even though I had skipped some events.
The book could have been at least 1/4 shorter than what it was in official published copy version, but this was the author's call, not mine.

However, even though I can't say that I absolutely loved this book I just had a 'Meh, whatever' kind of feeling in the end. Nothing special really for me. I didn't understand what all those starred reviews from authors like Melissa Marr were talking about I was that beyond confused. And I don't even think there could have been anything added to this book to light that missing spark because honestly, this just wasn't my book, not my cup of tea.

I don't think that I will be reading the other 3 or 4 books (speaking of which I was actually surprised when I heard there would be books three and four. I understand there being a book two but I'd say that's all it would take for this kind of series. I for sure wouldn't think this series deserved to be expanded so much that two extra books would be needed, especially if the authors continued to write in this same melodramatic format which was getting dull). Besides, I still have heaps of books to get to and if I even would pick the next books up, they would be at the very bottom of my list.

Disappointed, but what could I say, from the summary I had read I didn't expect much from this book anyways.