Hex Hall (Book 1)

Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins What a breezy book to read.
Honestly, not saying that this kind of a feeling is bad, but this book, everything in it, just clicked. It didn't feel like the story was out of place, that the plot was being sucked out of somewhere, or that the world and writing was 2-D and boring. No. This is so not what I had encountered.

First of all, I had found that lately, books about witches have grown rather dull in following a set path and never going off of it to explore other ideas or themes. They even lacked entertainment I hoped to find in these kinds of books. Hex Hall filled that gap, and made me happy to see there were still authors working hard and bringing refreshing new ideas around.

The book was humorous, the main character very enjoyable and interesting to follow along with on her journey to realizing just who she was, the main hottie was, well, HOT, and mysterious like what would be expected from these kinds of characters, and the bad girls were, well, BAD.
Everything was in its rightful places. The story ran smoothly, the humor had appeared where it needed to, and there weren't any big plot jumps that I wouldn't have expected or wouldn't have wanted.

I am satisfied with this book, actually felt very happy after I had read it it was that easy and pleasurable of a read. can't wait to start reading the second one - I hope that the story will continue in this set fashion which I've already taken a liking to and that the author won't chop up and fry her own story like some authors such as Alison Noel had done to their books because that would be a true disappointment.