The Iron Daughter (Harlequin Teen)

The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa Oh. My. F-ing. Goodness. I literally DIED halfway through the book, and when I did finish it, I cuddled the book so tightly that I had made the pages curl and almost tore it, and it was a library copy.

Thank you Ms. Kagawa! You have officially hit the spot of modern YA books. This series is right at the top, next to series like The Hunger Games and Wicked Lovely. The glory of this series is just hard to explain, and one must actually read the series to find out.

To start off I had read this book in one sitting. ONE. That's how badly I was dragged into the world of faeries. Yes, I know, but you can't blame me when there is something so amazing, so real, so vibrant that you can't help but be pulled in. This is writing at a new level, and fantasy probably at one of its best levels.

Meaghan, dear, you do not fail to disappoint. I absolutely loved her, even more in this book than in the first. Her relationship with Ash was just a smidge cheesy at times but I think that if anyone was in her position then they wouldn't be thinking twice, if they were acting cheesy or not. I just wish her powers could've showed themselves in this book. Grr how I want to see them.
And Ash, hot, icy Ash. Where have you been for so long? He's the kind of guy I think every girl deserves - protecting, stubborn, caring, cold on the outside but warm and understanding on the inside. His role just gets better in this book, and his character doesn't fail me as a reader because he is just as good, probably even better, than how he was in the previous book.

I was just enchanted. The story had kept me reading, madly flipping pages with the addiction because oh was I ever hooked. A beautiful world, amazing characters, solid well-paced storyline, gorgeous covers...who could ever ask for more?
However on a small ending note I'd like to say that I kinda hope this series won't be turned into movies. On one hand that would be awesome because then the characters truly would be able to come to life, I'd be able to visualize them even better, and there have been hardly any good fairy movies since all focus on vampires, werewolves and magicians. However, I fear that the whole Twilight shibang will occur and 10 year old girls will begin obsessing with Ash like that had happened with Edward, and Ash shouldn't be spoiled by little girls who shouldn't really be reading this at those ages. 13 and up is ok, 10 and below...not really...So I guess there's a whole debate going on right now about this but I hope they will come to a reasonable solution because looking at this honestly, The Iron King could easily become the next Twilight, actually something even greater.

A perfect second book, couldn't have asked for better. I literally shed a small tear in the end it was that sad but touching. I am dieing to get my hands on the next book because I will just devour the ending. And I heard the there will be a fourth book coming out with Ash's point of view. PERFECTION! Ms. Kagawa has done something that Meyer was just too scared to do, so thumbs up to her for that.