The Iron Queen (Harlequin Teen)

The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa To say that I was happy with this book would be the greatest understatement I probably ever said.
I couldn't really find any flaws in this book because the story had me so sucked in I was literally flipping through the pages.

The previous book had me rather sad at the end, because I though that this was the end for Meghan in the fairy world, and that even though she ended up with Ash, who promised to be hers forever (which is BEYOND sweet and adorable), I still rather wanted for her to go back.
And bam, my wish comes true.
Whisked back into the world of fairy the style of Kagawa's writing does not fail, but instead is as lively and vibrant as ever. She doesn't miss a single detail, a single hint of action, which she delivers with great precision.
There was so much going on I guess I even got lost a little bit in the story but as long as I kept up with the main point of the book then hey, I think I don't mind sacrificing a chapter or two.

Ash was still as amazing as before. Glad to see his character didn't change under even the harsh circumstances like what he was forced to go through. His night with Meghan before the battle had me going 'Aww'. Usually I'm not a fan of sex in YA novels, but that's because most of them I find too non-realistic or dragged out, but here you can almost say that you could feel Ash worrying that he'll lose Meghan to he just wanted to be together with her, at least once, even if they die. So I guess that's one habit I kinda broke.

I wasn't disappointed in the ending. I know, it was a little sad, but let's face it, practically all readers/fans of this series know that Ash will definitely be finding a way to be together with Meghan.
And I think she made a beautiful Iron Queen, I guess she just had it in her, there was a side of her that I kinda related to iron.

And so, Ash and Puck are off together while Meghan is getting used to her new found powers (?)
I must buy this series for myself, especially after I saw the cover for the next book <3