The Bees - Carol Ann Duffy I was rather disappointed with this book, having had such high hopes and expecting something truly fantastical after the reviews on the back cover or on the Goodreads page of this book.

The title itself is rather misleading. The bee doesn't appear that much in this book and those poems which it does appear in could all have been simply put into one section and titled "The Bees". Another issue I had with this was how the poems which did hold mentions of bees felt too repetitive. It was almost always the same exact way of addressing and thinking about the bees when I had really hoped for something more original.

There WERE a several poems I enjoyed, such as "The Human Bee" and "A Rae Bee", however the rest fell flat for me. I didn't understand a lot of the poems because of the references. Several of them had lists of places or people that took away from the poem and made it feel like I was reading something that wanted to impress me with its inner knowledge rather than to pull me in and make me enjoy the experience. I usually look these things up if I don't understand them but here I didn't have the will to, quite frankly. It felt more of a struggle to read than a relaxing pass time and I almost gave up someplace midway.

I, unlike many other people, wasn't charmed or inspired or left breathless and amazed, the way poetry often makes me feel. The bee stung me straight-on and made the whole read feel rather sore and difficult. Maybe I'll give this one another try in the future, but right now I was simply disappointed.