Wonder Show

Wonder Show - Hannah Barnaby I, personally, was very disappointed with this book. Having seen the cover in the library as well as Laini Taylor's review printed on the bottom I was very compelled to read it. What I found inside however was a disappointment.
I didn't particularly like Portia's character nor the way the story unfolded. It had potential but I feel like that wasn't achieved. From the beginning I already was confused about where exactly this was taking place and it was only when I read the author's note at the end that I finally started to clue in. I liked the remaining characters and must admit that there was some kind of charm to this book which, though I found it dull and not reaching my expectations, made me keep reading on out of great curiousity. I don't regret picking it up however I cannot say that it deserved the raving reviews published on the dust cover. It fell short in some way, starting with the heroine, but it was the rather charming remaining cast that did bring some lightness to an otherwise rather heavy novel.