Love, an Index (McSweeney's Poetry Series)

Love, an Index - Rebecca Lindenberg This book was on the list of Shinji Moon's favourite books, so I decided to go through the whole list and read the ones that caught my eye. This was one of them, especially being a collection of poetry and on top of that on the topic of love and loss.

Several of the poems were unusually structured, the most interesting one being "Love, an Index", in which I find several topics were touched upon and through a clever use of word choice, metaphors, and the words/lines of other authors. There was a common theme of a 'tough love' throughout most of the book but it was touched upon in various different ways that kept my interest and made me want to keep reading. Cleverly written metaphors also pop up quite often throughout.

Overall it was a very enjoyable book with some rather beautiful pieces. The only way this book might not be enjoyed is if the one reading attempts to read into the writing too much, which I highly don't suggest. Some of these I took on the surface level though of course not literally. However some of these can be appreciated even without trying to dissect all the writing and finding that core and 'deeper meaning'. The interesting language and unusual structure keeps the attention and doesn't lack in any way. There is surely a little bit of something for everyone who reads this. I quite recommend it, it was a light yet eye-opening read.