Infinityglass: An Hourglass Novel

Infinityglass - Myra McEntire I think Myra McEntire pulled the whole trilogy to a very successful conclusion in this final book. It was one of only a few serious where I could say, honestly and with ease, that it didn't suffer the middle-book syndrome nor did the two other books lose any of the charm that the first one had.

I really enjoyed the fact that the Infinityglass was a person rather than an object - the twist, though predictable, made for a much more interesting conclusion, though not something entirely out-of-the-blue. I liked what some people I know criticized as cheesy romance in this book. It's a personal preference - I'm a sucker for when people show each other affection and it's all written there on the page for me to take in as a reader (though I must say i wasn't TOO thrilled about the hormonal teenage comments and how, at least in the first half of the book, there were quite a number of hints at sexual thoughts or tension).

McEntire's writing is something I enjoyed as well throughout the whole series, not just the characters and the world itself. I like how she inserts these funny lines or puns and makes them read so effortlessly, so different from those other authors that I just feel like they go "Hey, let me try to be modern and insert some funny line in here". In this series there's none of that. It's a truly modern yet easy read that has jokes and quirky lines placed in just the right places throughout the novel, making for guaranteed smiles while you read.

The characters, as always, were very strong, realistic, and very enjoyable to read. After finishing I actually felt like I was parting with an old friend of mine and it made for quite the bittersweet farewell. I'm curious whether she'll continue with some future stories or anything else although I highly doubt it and wouldn't recommend her to do so either. The series felt complete, from start to finish. It left everyone to be happy, although I KNOW people will start going "Well what about Nate?" Leave the boy be, I tell you. He'll have all his own adventures in due time, and I don't think she should extend the series just for one more character she didn't cover even though everything else was wrapped up perfectly.

Overall I'm very pleased with this series. Very, very pleased. The covers are gorgeous, the characters jump off from the page ready to get to know you and show you their world, and there's so much adventure packed into every single book. Well done Ms. McEntire - you did yourself proud.
Oh, and that ending. I was sighing and smiling so much as I closed the book again, though I know it's not for long - I'll definitely be returning to this world again very soon.