Juliet Immortal

Juliet Immortal - Stacey Jay The only reason why this book took so long for me to read was because of my hectic schedule and the fact that I took out too many books from the library all at the same time and had to prioritize with them first. When I did finally pick this book up again and start from the beginning it took me only a couple of days to get through it - it was engrossing.

I liked Juliet's character. I like how she ended up admitting her faults and coming to a much greater understanding of everything and herself at the end of the novel. She was made vulnerable in a way that was believable and wasn't done in an exaggerated manner. Her growth and transition and inner struggles with love and understanding is one that made sense and I was able to feel empathy and sympathy, different one for different situations, throughout the book. Her journey was a really long one and this book contained an amazing amount of character growth.

I enjoyed the spin off on the Romeo and Juliet story. As well, I was really satisfied with how Jay decided to end Juliet's part of the story - it was well-deserved and didn't feel like the cliche-d kind of ending most books would receive. Romeo's journey obviously still continues and I'm interested where this journey will continue off to, whether he'll be able to reach his goal or not. Even as the villain in this version of the story it was pretty hard to feel hatred for Romeo when he was just so blatantly lied to and spent the whole book overcoming his own challenges.

This was very impressive. I picked the book up for $5 at my local bookstore on a bargain book sale. I wasn't disappointed by what I read, as my general rule is that I take books out from the library first before deciding whether or not I'll buy a personal copy for my collection. This one deserves the place on my shelf.