Coming to My Senses: A Story of Perfume, Pleasure, and an Unlikely Bride

Coming to My Senses: A Story of Perfume, Pleasure, and an Unlikely Bride - Alyssa  Harad This book has much to offer for those patient enough to read it. If you don't mind getting up occasionally from this book to let every single word sink in and to ponder what's been written, I highly recommend reading this.

Harad accomplished something that, in my opinion, authors are finding re and more difficult to do - I got to know her, her quirks and personality, and though I didn't agree with all her actions or understand all her logic and thoughts I still found quite a bit to pull out from this. I'm not a perfume addict although I do enjoy reading about their composition, looking at the bottles, and most importantly - smelling them. Her book was like perfume in a sense - it made me imagine another life, another me, one where I was someone who specialized in fragrances, their chemical make up, who mingled with people from the higher end of the fashion world and had the same luck as Harad did. Her prose is very well written and captivating. It wasn't biased or preachy, but was just real and felt natural, like someone recorded a conversation and simply transferred it onto paper. It took me into the inner depths of the perfume world and I came back out from it feeling enlightened.

I would say that the main focus on the book is not just perfume but rather something beyond that. This book explores our humanness, the way we see things and how we make them relate to us. There is quite a bit to be taken from the pages of this book, whether you're a fan of perfume or not. It should be approached with an open mind and a willingness to learn more. It, like the perfume that is described in this book, will make you dream, and give you another life that you might have fancied once long ago but tucked away into some dark corner of your mind.