Finding My Elegy: New and Selected Poems

Finding My Elegy: New and Selected Poems - Ursula K. Le Guin I usually never struggle with reading poetry - I finish the book within a day, a few at maximum because of my hectic schedule. The reading of this one took me several weeks. I had a very busy schedule, yes, but when I had some free time to sit down and read, this wasn't the book I wanted to pick and continue reading. I found myself putting it off.

These poems weren't my cup of tea. A lot of them were wordy in a not so good way, feeling rather fake in the message they were trying to get across. From an analysis point of view they were fantastic, but from the viewpoint of a simple reader who just wanted to sit down and enjoy them I wasn't exactly blown away. The first half of the book was especially very lengthy and most difficult to get through. Heck, I'd even narrow it down to the first hundred pages as being the difficult and cringing pages of this book.

So why did I give it three stars?
Because it was the last half of the book, the one talking about zoology and botany and geography and various other areas and aspects that made me really pick it up and finish reading the book. I, personally, very love poetry that is collected under a subject, in a mini-series kind of way, part of the reason that I loved this section. The other one was that the poetry didn't feel so fabricated and wordy anymore. I finally felt the honesty and sincerity behind what was written on the page, finally making me feel that Ms. Le Guin wasn't writing these poems just for them to get published and have a lot of acclaimed reviews written for them. Maybe it's just the subject area of these last compilations of poems that stuck out to me. Whatever it was I really enjoyed these ones. There were some that were in the "other" half of the book that I liked, the rare couple, but here I liked practically every single one. They spoke out to me and the metaphors made sense without having to sit and scratch my head away at them.

I recommend anyone to pick this book up and just try to read it. I feel like you need to "grow into" these poems, to acquire a greater knowledge of life to fully appreciate what was being conveyed through the words. Not having such a knowledge and experience I sadly could not appreciate it for its true worth. I know Le Guin is a highly acclaimed poet that many people have raved about to me with high praises however I simply didn't feel it. I'll give this one a few more years and try again - I'm more than sure I missed something major within its pages.