Primavera - Francesca Lia Block I fell in love with Ecstasia, the predecessor of Primavera, and I just had to read the next installment to find out what happens next. This book doesn't disappoint. As usual, Block's writing is full of beautiful, whimsical imagery, things that are so delicate and charming one minute and dangerous the next, and yet they still keep that terrifying beauty within them. It is an aspect to her writing that never disappears.

I understood Primavera's choices and as a character could really connect to her. She is beautiful and gifted yet Block didn't forget to still make her fragile and imperfect, reminding the reader of her humanness and just how prone to mistakes she is, just like everyone else.

The story is paced perfectly. Although Primavera had left her parents to go back to Elysia the reader is still reminded of them at specific intervals in time, being shown how they are struggling and how their desert paradise world is collapsing. Everything is tied together, from beginning to end. The progress and change is also easy to notice compared to the lush lives and young wild years of all the Ecstasia members in Elysia. Another side is shown. While the book Ecstasia focuses a lot of Under and the city itself and all its beauty here we are shown the other parts of Block's magical world, the darker and not so pleasant corners of it. We are shown characters and the relationships they form with Primavera are very touching and strong. They aren't the kind that form on the whim and for no good reason whatsoever. They feel logical, in a sense.

What I especially loved was the ending and the visible metamorphosis that Primavera had undergone. She is one strong character although not without flaws. It's pretty much impossible not to fall in love with her and feel, in some way, connected.

I loved this book, from beginning to end. It's a beautiful companion novel that stays true to the theme of womanhood and magic and love and wraps it all up beautifully while, at the same time, the ending leaves you with a small smile on your face as you know the cycle will continue for years to come and you can't help but conjure up your own details and write the rest of the history for the beautiful world of Ecstasia.