Graffiti Moon

Graffiti Moon - Cath Crowley This book was a lovely, light story that right away pulled me into the world of the Australian city (the name of which I didn't note) and that had my attention caught throughout the entire thing.

I haven't read any books with the same or even similar plotline as this one, so for me it was a new experience and something fresh, for once. The writing style is very light and engrossing, it doesn't overwhelm with too much description although I would complain about too much dialogue at times.

While I liked the book, I didn't LOVE it. The first half of the book stuck with me much more than the second. The beginning established the setting and characters wondefukly, filled with little details like about the graffiti and the details of the artists that pulled me along with the story. The second half was at first too stretched out and then felt like it came all rushing out at the same time. There was something off in the pacing and I'm being nitpicky here with this. Perhaps it is my particular taste or preference in stories that makes me come to this conclusion.

Overall though the book is one that I'd recommend for anyone. It's a perfect light read at any time, perhaps best in the winter as the pages exude the warmth and cheerfulness of the warm weather. The characters are memorable and are hard to leave after the last page is turned. It's practically impossible not to root for Ed and Lucy as they stand on that borderline between them and the romance they can so easily have. There isn't much else to say about this book, which is why this review is short. It begs to be read and discovered, and many of the things I wanna say cannot be said, but need to be felt, so pick this one up and feel it for yourself.