The Truth about Stories: A Native Narrative (Massey Lectures)

The Truth about Stories: A Native Narrative - Thomas King To be clear about it, this is one of the books everyone in the IB program must read so there will be a bunch that I read not because I want to but because I HAVE to.

The premise of the book is pretty good but I'm not a particular fan of First Nations and reading their history and issues. King presents very strong ideas and his writing is very light yet deep at the same time with humour in just the right places throughout it. I listened to the lectures by itself and personally prefered them to the written compilation, however that's only me. King made me actually enjoy reading about the issues and delve deeper and sit to ponder about what he was talking about. The stories he tells are very simple but hold much more interesting meaning behind them. It's just not my book, I will be quite honest. It's also a book that should be discussed. If read just alone then it won't be as intriguing or even feel half as animated as it felt when my English class was involved with discussions. I will say though that I think everyone can take something out of this book. The repetition really sticks with you and if you're one of the more patient readers who enjoy sitting and debating and thinking about the book after you've finished, this one is a very intriguing and moving one.