Through the Zombie Glass (The White Rabbit Chronicles)

The Fallacies Of Social Science: A Critique Of The Natural Science Model Of Social Analysis - Jon Huer Well what can I say. This really is one of my guilty reads and I don't regret it at all. I mean honestly everyone's gotta have that book series or even book that they read even though they know the writing itself isn't that great, or that there's so much emotion and teen drama in there that most people will just roal their eyes. For me this series is one of those.

I'm glad to see that the story, characters, and level of drama didn't decrease since the previous book, since that's one of the main things I enjoyed about the first one. The second one read just as fast as the first and I had to honestly force myself to stop reading and put down the ereader. It was gripping in that guilty pleasure sort of way.

I don't know what it is but I love Ali. I love her relationship with Cole, I actually like how dramatic and always jumpy it was and just everything that people find to be typically cheesy or implausible. Her sarcastic responses reminded me of myself so it's probably one of the reasons why I felt such a connection to her. I got a laugh out of her responses, out of the quick and light dialogue that hardly ever felt forced, only maybe in one or two spots.

The twist wasn't something too out of the blue but it didn't downplay on the enjoyment at all. I know this book will receive criticisms that judge it as a sort of teenage soap opera and say that this book is nothing like the original Alice in Wonderland and other things along those lines. I don't know whether that last one would be just, since this shouldn't, as I said, be approached as the next literary wonder. Its purpose is to relax and entertain the reader, which it does. It doesn't try to be a new version of Wonderland because that isn't the goal, it merely incorporates some familiar elements or names loosely while spinning something that's completely new and no less entertaining. I look forward to the next installment to see where Ali goes next