The Everafter

The Everafter - Amy Huntley Well, this one was quite the book. I don't know how to approach it exactly because I did enjoy it, yet at the same time still had criticisms about it. I think I know what Huntley was going for and she got across her message fairly well, though it was a bit stretched out, in my opinion. The beginning read slowly and a bit more dully than the rest of the story and it took some time to get into it.

What I did enjoy was that there wasn't a big deal about teenage romance going on with this book. The relationship between Gabriel and Madison felt natural and at times I even smiled along or let out a few 'aw's as the mood was really well set.

The character of Sandra's mom was a really interesting one and considering that there are a lot like her out there who are written to be much more extreme or implausible than her it was nice to see a change for once.

There isn't really much to say about this book other than the fact that I think it really needs to be read to get its idea across. I'm not surprised this one was a finalist for an award, it was written in a much more relaxed manner than a lot of the uptight YA novels out there right now, and it approached its topic much more realistically and with more sensitivity. The characters were pleasant to follow along and by the end of the novel they had really grown on me and were difficult to let go.

The concept of IS, AM, and EVERYWHERE was what stuck out the most to me I think, and it's one of the rare novels that covers the idea and introduces it a bit even. The whole idea, in fact, was just well executed and was something fresh and actually thought through, you could see there was effort put into writing this and to make the idea resonate with the reader. Some faults with the pacing but otherwise this one was a nice, light, and at the same time somewhat deep, read that I'm pleased I came across.