Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns - Lauren Weisberger I will hide my whole review because I've been told I have a tendency of dropping spoilers without intending to and I wouldn't want to do so. So, here goes...

I hated this book. I really just did. It was the most poorly written thing I have ever picked up, as well as the most pointless. As I have written in the few status updates for this book, the characters were aggravating. The plot line went flat for most, in fact I would say 80-90% of the book, then spiked suddenly when Andy learns that the boyfriend who Sophie is cheating on is actually her ex Alex. A bit more on that later however.

The entire thing was predictable. I mean, her getting married to a wealthy guy with a rich background and family name to carry - it would be so against Andy's character if she had in fact stayed with him and everything in their relationship worked out rather than doing the fastest and easiest thing to solve the problem: getting a divorce. Her character is whiny and plainly dislikable throughout the entire thing. When she finds the letter from Max's mother that begs him not to marry Andy, the way she's silent for, I don't know, 15% of the book?, and debating whether or not to confront him about it. Her lack of a backbone in telling Emily her thoughts about selling The Plunge to Elias-Clarke and, ultimately, Miranda Priestly, was probably the most annoying part of the whole thing. The Devil Wears Prada made so much of an effort to talk about how independent and strong and just whoop-dee-doo amazing Andy was, and here we are, seeing that she really does lack a backbone and any of that glorious background which I feel the first part really stressed to the reader. Her constant prattling while she's pregnant, all the babbling and God only remembers what else, it was just so tiresome that it was really a pain to get through this book. In the end she just fell so flat for me that I doubt I even acknowledged her as the main character anymore.

Max was an iffy character from the beginning and I didn't expect much from him. His relationship with Andy was rather sour and cold, in my opinion, but then again that's because I'm not the kind of person that would want that kind of distanced relationship. But that's besides the point. He's a businessman and when he signs instead of Andy to sell off the magazine I was not one bit surprised. I was indifferent about him though so he didn't seem like much of a shocking character.

Emily and Miranda. Well, they stayed pretty much the same, nothing to address there. The remaining characters were also nothing really special, more similar to cookie-cutter creations than any human being you'd ever meet. The ending was so cliche and cringe-worthy and left me simply shaking my head and asking myself, for the millionth time, the same question: WHY?

Don't waste your time with this book, please. There are so many better ones just sitting and waiting on some back shelf of a library or bookstore to be picked up and given the attention to. Do satisfy their begging and please. I cannot muster up any other words to describe the poorly written whatever-this-is that I just read. I dare not call this literature - it would be an insult to the countless talented and amazing authors that would be rolling around in their graves if I did so.