Curse of the Spellmans  - Lisa Lutz This was one of the poetry books where each poem could be appreciated for the way in which it was written and thus enjoyed, even if it wasn't as resonant with you as a reader. It was a poetry book that read effortlessly and dragged my attention into it, the way poetry should be. It wasn't a burden to read these poems. In fact I was sucked in so deep that after some poems I went back to reread the poem since I wasn't ready to leave it.

The best, I'd have to say, were the following: "Hum of the Machine God", "How to Disappear Completely", "Hum of the Machinist's Lover", "Pomegranate Means Grenade", "Thinking Like a Split Melon", and "If They hand Your Remains to Your Sister in a Chinese Takeout Box".

It's a true gem of a collection, raw and honest when it comes to the essence of being human as well as touching upon the aspect that is the machine of life, the frequency with which each person resonates. If there is one new poetry collection or author you want to acquaint yourself with this year, this is the one.