Angel Burn

Angel Burn  - L.A. Weatherly This book is an example of the few YA novels where, upon reading it, i felt the author actually engaged with their own story, that they were cared about their own characters and lived with their story, so to say. It was something refreshing to see. Maybe this is because the book was published several years ago, before this whole hype of everyone feeling they have something to say and writing books that follow a general mold, only with some changes of names, places, etc. This one had a soul to it. It wasn't some lifeless, suffocating fish that was begging for attention. And that's why I loved it so much. It was a book with a backbone.

The plot itself caught my attention. It's no surprise that people regard angels as kind, loving, etc., but this, this is a really different look at the possibility of a paradigm shift (ah, Theory of Knowledge has really influenced me here). It's a book that focuses on the characters, and it definitely makes no attempt to hide the romance factor. But that's totally alright because in this case, I really empathized with the characters. I wanted Alex and Willow to be together, to get through the tough moments. I enjoyed reading all the cute and cuddly moments when they were in the cabin or near the end. I smiled like a complete fan girl when they finally realized their feelings for each other. It just made sense. It all fit together wonderfully. There was no lack of action or emotion in the story, and I was kept engaged throughout the entire thing.

It's amazing, the wonderful kind of bargain you can get for $5, which is the case with this book when I found it in a bookstore's "clearance" section. I'm glad I gave this one a chance and took it home with me, it was so worth it. It was light, adventurous, humorous, romantic, and I developed a connection with it over the course of my reading. It's not some mind-boggling, innovative new novel that will change the course of literature. It's not written in a very amazing manner either. But it has an undeniable charm that's hard to refuse.