The Quest Begins (Seekers)

The Quest Begins  - Erin Hunter I had dropped the Warrior series after the first 6 books because I found them really boring and not interesting, and thought Erin Hunter (which is actually 3-4 different people!) was really poor wannabe author that didn't succeed in capturing my attention, but when I saw Seekers the irresistable cover jumped out and me and just seemed to beg 'READ ME!!!' So, I had listened to that inner voice and picked it up. And boy was I in for a shock!

Seekers was for me about ten times better than Warriors - it had everything the warriors series lacked for me, so I immediatley continued buying the rest of the books. It still impresses me, this series, and I hope the rest of it will continue in the same style and won't make me throw the books across the room like I had done with Warriors.

Recomend it to anyone who felt strongly disappointed by the books Warriors - Seekers is a new start and will most likely win your attention over after the first book. However how long that attention will last for, we'll have to see.