Moe Kare!! (Volume 1) - Go Ikeyamada Ok, now before starting this book I had seen the 'Warning: may contain strong language or inappropriate content'. I am both happy and unhappy that I listened to that.

First off, the art in this book is phenominal. Really eye pleasing and easily drawn that the reader is glad to be reading this series.

The plot is original-ish, but there are parts where I wish the plot could be changed. I was actually surprised that Takaru and Akara ARE NOT TWINS. They are actually half brothers from two different moms but look exactly like their father except for the eyes.

Now, the reason why I gave this a 4 star rating was because of the sex. Why the heck did that have to be put in their!? Yes I know some teens get the idea to have sex at that age and that this particular author does almost all her mangas with french kisses and sex but I mean it's getting way out of hand, the way Takaru's Christmas gift to Hikaru was renting a hotel room so he could have sex with her. That's a bit off the scale. Please just tune that down a bit more.

I was actually happy that Hikaru ended up with Akara because Takaru was just way too perfect and prince like that in some spots it made me gag. So when Takaru's old friend came, saved Takaru from a moving bus but got run over and injured herself in my head a small voice screamed 'YES!!! Now you'll finally get away from Hikaru' because I feel and felt that if Takaru got Hikaru, this series would have so gone downhill.

The ending is a happy one, I was for the first time happy Akara didn't have sex with Hikaru right away but waited to become more of a man so he could make Hikaru happy.

Overall, less sex would have equalled to 5 stars. But, I still enjoyed the series