Uwasa no Midori-kun!!, Vol. 01

Uwasa no Midori-kun!!, Vol. 01 - Go Ikeyamada This manga was ABSOLUTELY ADDICTING!

Ok, I know how I said about this author putting sex into her books, but this one had tuned it down, like I had wanted from one of her previous series, Moe Kara.

The plot is fast passed, keeps you swallowing it up and chocking a bit on the very romantic scenes which I gotta say I liked. They weren't really grown-up but not childish at all, so it was in between and a good example of a romantic scene.

About Tsukasa, I'm wondering what this deal of his with the chairman or head of the school was, and why he has to even kill soccer players to succeed, or rather he could if he had to.

The main girl character for once is actually fierce, strong, and has pride, and doesn't give up when a guy like Tsukasa does that to her like in the first chapter.

I dunno why but I kinda want her to end up with Tsukasa, although in this case both guys are really hot so I won't go off dieing if the guy I was originally hoping and rooting for won't get the girl.

Definately looking forward to the rest of this series because it is really good, the art is just eye candy for anime/manga lovers, the bishounen factor is definately there and just everything pieces together perfectly