Petty in Pink (Poseur, #3)

Petty in Pink (Poseur, #3) - Rachel Maude This book proved to be so much harder to read than the previous one in the series...

Let me start off - are all the characters in these books acting like total snobs? The main girls are confirmed to not be 'b's, but still, they act like it full on.

I didn't follow along with the storyline for almost 3/5 of the book - it was beginning to get very boring and stupid in many parts. The way the whole book is so overly obsessed about fashion doesn't feel right, I mean what kinda message is that - clothing is better than God? Please, cut it out.

The idea behind it isn't bad, but this has just put itself to the level of Gossip Girl, which is rock bottom. Both series have a lot in common, first thing being that it idolizes clothing above everything else.

I would give this book a 1.5 if I could but only give it a 2. So yeah, I don't think I'll bother with the rest of this series. I think I'll black list it right now and not come back to it - not worth so much attention when I have such a long good list of books that are totally worth my time.