The Lighthouse War (The Lighthouse Trilogy Series #2)

The Lighthouse War - Adrian McKinty I don't think this book was way that much better than the previous one. In fact, I honestly found it worse in a number of ways.

First of all, for me personally the first book was good enough to be a stand-alone novel, but instead the author bolted on another book which from my view shouldn't even have been because it ruined the picture I had of the previous book and of the world of Jamie and Wishaway.

I found it boring, in a lot of places. That was the main problem with this book. I felt like the characters weren't all that hearty and interesting as in the previous book. Lorca became a total thorn and I wasn't at all disappointed when he got killed off. I thought he wasn't that great a character to deserve a big spotlight.

Jamie got sulkier, Ramsay was hidden away for large chunks of the book, and Wishaway just became a sissy girl who couldn't say no or refuse someone. Theyy became more-or-less stereotype and the book lost its spark completely.

I'm not so interested to find out what happens in the third book cause I get the feeling the storyline gets even worse. Who knows, maybe if I come across it in the library I'll pick it up but to be honest I'm so not interested in buying an actual copy.