Laduree: Decoration and Inspiration

Laduree: Decoration and Inspiration - Serge Gleizes This book is a true masterpiece, so much that it's hard to describe its beauty with words until you actually pick it up. Laduree has caught my attention quite some time ago, not only with its beautiful and unique pastries it makes, but also with the gorgeous design found in every single one of the tea salons throughout the world. I wanted to see more photographs of what was inside, wanted to know the inspiration and the history of the things, and this book satisfied that craving that my European roots were craving.

The photography in this book is absolutely gorgeous and high quality, though admittedly it doesn't contain photographs from every single, or even most, of the Laduree salons as I hoped, rather focusing more on those in London, Paris, and Ginza & Nihumbashi (Japan). The historical background on the three women who inspired the decoration and furnishing of the salons was fascinating, as were the few background profiles on the houses that designed the china and textiles of the specific era of one of the three women. On a personal note I would have loved more of these kinds of profiles, to read more background information as well as context; then again this is just be, being extremely nitpicky as I'm a huge lover of absorbing this kind of information.

Other than my own nitpickiness which can be easily overlooked this book is perfect, a true masterpiece that will be adored and cherished by anyone who loves French culture, history, design, art, and/or pastries. This book also comes with a pop up model of three rooms in the salon, as I understood it, and this pop up is simply gorgeous as well. Not to mention there is also a very convenient list of addresses of all existing Laduree locations, and a list of Parisian shops, galleries, and museums.

This is one book I will treasure for my whole life and, I would say, the best Christmas present I have ever received. It is beautiful and unique, from its front cover to its back and with everything that is in between.