Freak of Nature (IFICS, #1) - Julia Crane I rather enjoyed this one. It read so fast and easily that I hardly noticed the time pass by. The topic of sci-fi and cyborgs has been greatly explored, which is why I thought it would be hard to find any more books that are at least somewhat original or intriguing on the subject. This one was an unexpected surprise and I think a wonderful way to start off a new year of reading.

Of course, there are things wrong with it, the biggest being the inattentive editing job done with the book. There were missed capitals, periods instead of commas, and other little things. As a person who writes my own stories and poetry I was a bit bugged by it, but after some time I stopped focusing on it - the story itself pulled me in to the point where nothing else was noticeable. Another issue I found was the rather repetitive way in which Lucas kept saying he felt guilty, or desired Kaitlyn, or how he had a mix of both at the same time and felt repulsed by it. I understand the situation he found himself in was a tough one for anyone to swallow, to say the least, but I wish Crane would've stayed away from the stereotypical YA male character behavior.

Other than that this story was refreshing and provided laughs throughout. I didn't expect the turn of events that did occur and was pleased it didn't end in the, again stereotypical, chase after the scientifically enhanced main character. It was a good solution, and the real and light characters made for a quick yet pleasant read.

I'm happy I stumbled upon this one by accident in the Kobo store - not only was it on sale, but I also really enjoyed it, and am now curious to find out what happens next to Kate and her, care I call them this, crew.