Newspaper Blackout

Newspaper Blackout - Austin Kleon I didn't enjoy this one as much as I thought I would, but it was still a light, pleasant read. The idea of using newspapers and blacking out words was an idea that didn't occur to me at all, and I will most likely be trying it out during the summer with a couple friends of mine, maybe even make a personal collection of them.

My complaint comes to the actual poems themselves. They all 'made sense', however after a certain point they started to repeat themselves, and there were some images that were used over and over again, the same problem with the themes of the poems. I know poetry targets certain topics over and over again, and there are repeated words and images, but it was a bit overwhelming to find in one collection in one space. Some stood out, others blended into a glob of poems I found repetitive, so while I enjoyed the book and a good chunk of the poems, both style- and content-wise, others - not so much. However I would recommend this book to anyone, it's a relaxing read and you'll get a laugh out of some of these. By the end of the book I practically guarantee you that you'll want to give the idea a try. It's a creative way of solving the common problem of writer's-block, or finding a way around it, while still coming up with something unusual and original.