The Oresteia

The Oresteia: Agamemnon / The Libation Bearers / The Eumenides - Aeschylus, Robert Fagles, William Bedell Stanford

This was one of those works where I really wish my professor had covered it better in class so that I could fully appreciate it. We had a two hour quick summary-like breeze through all three plays, with more focus being given to "Agamemnon" than the other two, so my judgement of the work was based more on how engaging I found it to be as an individual reading experience rather than as a classical work of literature that has been studied and discussed. There is quite a lot to pick out of "The Oresteia" that might be a bit overwhelming, as I found it to be, and the lack of guidance and confusion of what to pay attention to and what to make of some of the passages can be an obstacle. Probably with some more time and rereads that won't be necessary, but if one looks and evaluates this just as a piece of literature to sit down with and read, "The Oresteia" is quite the rollercoaster in terms of plot, and leaves a rather mixed impression on what to make of it.