Why Preservation Matters

Why Preservation Matters (Why X Matters Series) - Max Page

Both accessible and relevant to today's society, Page touches not only upon what one initially thinks of when hearing of preservation, namely the aesthetic value of buildings, but he goes much further to discuss the problematic economic points that have become more relevant in the 21st century than they have ever been. The most fascinating were the last two chapters, 6 and 7, the 6th touching upon how one should approach the preservation of problematic places, the sites of atrocities and horror that some countries don't want to acknowledge. The 7th, meanwhile, returns to aesthetics by discussing how one can come to terms or at least begin to consider what it is about buildings that makes one seem more worthy of preservation than another. Informative but not overbearing, Page's voice is easy to follow and compelling, making this a book that is perfect both for the casual and curious reader, as well as serving as a starting point for an art history student or budding preservationist.