Sequence - A. F. Moritz

Once again I’m reminded how incredibly lucky I am to have taken a class with Professor Moritz, for his poetry is truly amazing. “Sequence” was by far the best of his collections I’ve read so far as it is precisely the style of poetry I love most. The book is divided into several sections, some of which have a rather plot-like progression to them while others are united by a sense of urgency and emotion. What all these poems have in common is their ability to build an atmosphere that swallows the reader and effortlessly snatches up one’s attention. I imagine the best way to appreciate “Sequence” would be to sit outside on a warm summer night, with someone you care deeply for right next to you as you both take turns reading these poems out loud, for that is where they belong — to be mingling with the air and wind, released back to the very nature and desert which they speak of, while at the same time touching upon and capturing that complex, dream quality to our own human existence that is easily overlooked or taken for granted. This collection makes the world both slow down and speed up as you read it, taking you on a dangerous journey while simultaneously wrapping you in a warm blanket and taking you by the hand, quietly promising to bring you back enlightened.