Conflicting Desire

Conflicting Desire - A.F.Moritz

I was surprised and a little saddened at not having enjoyed these poems as much as the other two poetry collections of professor Moritz’s. Mainly it was due to the fact that the style and structure of many of them threw me off, as well as the fact that I found the unifying theme began to stray over the course of the collection. The first handful were much more unified, while the others began to meander a little and were difficult to bring back to the rest.


“Sympathy for the Gods” and “Success Story” were two poems I wanted to single out however due to my particular fondness of them, both in terms of subject matter and structure. They had a flow to them that I didn’t note in any of the remaining poems, and were easy to get lost in. They were the shining gems of this collection, which was overall not too bad, merely suffering from the fact that I couldn’t form a bond with any of the other poems. Perhaps it’ll take a few more years for what right now seemed like ‘wordy’ passages and jumpy structure to present their full significance.