Storm - Amanda Sun

I am both happy and sad o have finished “Storm”, as that means that I have finally wrapped up the whole series but now I will only be able to revisit it in this limited little bubble in time. It’s been quite the interesting ride, an exhilarating one from beginning to end. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on “Storm” and finally get the conclusion to the series, and while I loved going back to the characters and sticking it out with them until the end, it wasn’t as big of a whirlwind storm-like conclusion as I hoped it would be.


There were a couple of additions/details in the book I was particularly impressed, one of which that’s worth mentioning with was Ishikawa. For some reason I did not see that coming but when it did I wasn’t entirely shocked by it. It was a case of where the signs were there, I simply hadn’t completed the puzzle. Another element I loved was Katie’s reaction in the end. Once again I saw myself in her uncertainty and fear, and felt that her character spoke to that deeper level of my own personality, so where other reviewers called her weak and blamed her for not fulfilling her role, I admired her for sticking it out to the end and being herself even in such a time. This series was a perfect example of where emotions triumph over logic and that’s the only appropriate situation for this case. If logic would’ve won I would’ve been disappointed, but luckily that wasn’t the case.


The biggest issue I had with this book was that it felt too tidy in a sense, with the pacing being somehow off. I missed Katie’s quirky personality, which didn’t show as much, although instead Tomo took over as being the adorable smart-ass in certain situations. But I got lost several times when it came to the Sacred Treasures. I kept wondering what they were trying to do and how it related to solving the problem, and perhaps that’s just because I read the book for the first time and the confusion might clear up with subsequent readings. But that was my one issue with “Storm” – the spark wasn’t as strong for me this time. A few things weren’t as developed as I thought they could’ve been, like Ishikawa’s “secret” or Katie’s dad, but then again, it didn’t take away from the story, although it would’ve been a lovely addition had it been there.


A little bittersweet with my reaction towards the book because I felt such an adrenaline rush reading the first two that I found this one to be much tamer. But I’m so glad I stuck it out until the end and can’t wait to go back on the journey with Katie all over again over time. This will remain one of my favourite series for being so unique and showing such a, in my opinion, realistic and well-developed romance. I can’t wait to see where Amanda Sun’s writing takes me next.