A New Index For Predicting Catastrophes

A New Index for Predicting Catastrophes - Madhur Anand

I was pleasantly surprised by the poems I found inside “A New Index for Predicting Catastrophes”. Science is not my strong point, although several areas of it, like astronomy, I have come to love over the years. It was a great surprise and delight that I found many of the poems were highly successful in bridging the gap between science and literature in a way that was very subtle. That was the great beauty of the entire collection: it was very genuine from beginning to end, especially the found poems that were written only using words in scientific articles that Anand took part in writing.


Having some knowledge in science really helps, however, and I would say that was the only weakness of these poems. Some were slightly overloaded with scientific terms or ecological facts that I wasn’t aware of, so it took longer for the full impact of the words to sink in. My own knowledge in organic chemistry really helped as well (despite how big a pain it was to learn), especially with the one poem that listed different types of sugar. My favourite poems were perhaps the ones about the irises and oranges, as there were a couple of them. But I also loved the way in which culture also quietly sunk into Anand’s work, the saris and rice and traditions that danced with scientific names and various animals and plants. It was a real treat to read that is worth reading for poetry lovers and science lovers alike, as well as quite an innovation in the poetry field in general I think. It was new, clever, and refreshing to read. I loved it.