Made for You

Made for You - Melissa Marr

You know a thriller's not really that gripping or mysterious when you feel pretty comfortable in your guess of the killer's identity about a third of the way into the story. You also know it's not that great a read when you don't feel the suspense and desire to find out what'll happen next.

The above pretty much summarizes what I felt about this book. It was decent, that's it. It was yet another book that demanded the reader goes along with what's going on, even though some things felt out of place, like Eva's ability to see people's death's when they touched them. It made sense with the plot, but nonetheless felt somewhat extra. Some of the details regarding the ability were left unanswered, such as the pattern/reason why some people Eva touched caused a vision and others didn't. There isn't much to say besides that. The characters didn't feel very fleshed out, although I did like Eva as a main character. Her relationship with Nate felt undeveloped however and rushed, although it was expected that the two of them would be together so I doubt there was much that could be done in spicing up the situation. The most shocking part though was that I didn't feel the thrill while reading - the Judge didn't scare me all that much, or creep me out. I think the reason for this is the countless number of times I've watched the Colombo tv show and how in love I am with Agatha Christie's "Poirot" detective series, so it's difficult to phase me as much with a murder or a creepy psychopath.

The book was alright. I would've given it 3 stars if, by some miracle, the killer wasn't who I suspected it to be, but alas I turned out to be right. There wasn't a sense of completion to the book. The only plus is how easily it read, which is the reason for the rating. It wasn't terrible, but not particularly good, making for a quick read that won't stay in my memory for very long. Sadly another disappointment considering my love for Marr's "Wicked Lovely" series. After this one and "The Arrivals" I am now hesitant to buy any more books before taking them out from the library first, and that's a sad thing indeed.